Price Guides – It’s Only Worth What Someone Will Pay.

Price guides are common reference materials that many collectors use. While much research goes into the prices listed in these guides, they are not the final word in what your item will sell for. Few people understand this, and expect to get the exact amount of money that their item was valued at in a price guide.

Items really are only worth someone will pay for them. However, the way you choose to market your item will make the difference between if it sells above or below the value listed in a price guide.I found some more information here.

If you sell at a flea market or online auctions, you must understand that the shoppers that use these venues are looking for a bargain. If you are looking to make a quick sale, you will likely wind up making less money than if you take the time required to find the right buyer.

Price guides do serve a purpose, and that would be to give collectors a general idea of the value of an item. It also serves as an appraisal of sorts, and can be your back-up should you need to convince a buyer of the general value of an items. When used correctly, price guides are a great asset for collectors to have.

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